Ameer's 3 Piece Gift Set

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3 Piece Gift Set Includes:

1 x Ameer’s Conditioning Beard Oil (1oz Bottle)

1 x Ameer’s Conditioning Beard Balm (2oz Jar)

1 x The Kent Handmade Sawcut 6T Comb Size: (175mm/6.9in) OR 1 x Rockwell Razors Double Edge Razor with 5-pack of blades

1 x Gift Box as shown in picture

Matching scents of the oil and balm in each set

Available in the following amazing scents:

                                          **NEW SCENT**
Power - Blend # 88
Feel on top of the world with this captivating blend of warm almond, balsamic note of woody amber, honey, lavender, citrus, and it finishes with luxurious vanilla notes adding profound richness. You will experience a powerful, rich, and noble sensation with this aroma. 

                                          **NEW SCENT**
Imperial - Blend # 07

Join the royal family of great beards with this refreshing and a luxurious aroma that makes any man feel like a king. This sunny, sweet blend comes together creating a masculine refreshing scent with hints of citrus, lavender, woody evergreen, musk, vanilla, and amberwood.

Gentleman - Blend # 42
When a true Gentleman walks into the room he gets noticed for all the right reasons and this scent is one of them, it will grasp attention from everyone who crosses your path. Enjoy this rich and seductive experience with a sophisticated bitter soft blend with notes of tangy sweet raspberry, saffron, thyme, jasmine frankincense, suede, amber, and earthy woody notes.

Virtuous - Blend # 57
Living according to high moral standards and captivate those around you with this aromatic scent of earthy, spicy and fruity notes. This blend is composed of various woodsy notes while the juniper berry and vanilla sweeten it up and a touch of nutmeg and coriander to warm it up and finish off with a smooth amber and musk.